Our Values

At SpinaOrourke, we have a set of values that define our culture. These values are a commitment that we’ve made to ourselves and our clients which is practiced daily. They fuel our motivation to improve our company, our service, and ourselves each and every day.


We strive to bring fresh and dynamic solutions to all challenges. Our approach enables us to solve problems with forward-thinking and industry-vetted solutions that allow us to complete our projects with excellence.


By focusing on delivering an incredible client experience we have been able to cultivate lasting relationships. We consider this one of the most important aspects of our business.


Each and every team member is encouraged to take action that impacts our company, culture and products.


We collaborate to create design that inspires and captivates our clients, transforming the built environment into a space that exceeds their expectations.


Our continued success is the result of our belief that truly creative and talented people can band together and design amazing spaces and places.