Careers – Senior Project Manager



SpinaOrourke + Partners is seeking talented team members for Senior Project Manager positions!
As a Senior Project Manager, you will be expected to lead a Production Team beginning at the creation of a Conceptual Design package, revising the Design based on client feedback, and then refining the Design through the Design Development phase which will eventually end with the creation of a thorough and complete set of Construction Documents. Lastly, you will assist the General Contractor during the Construction Administration phase to help ensure that the Project is completed on-time and within its budget.
To be considered for this position, you will be required to meet the following minimum requirements:
• Licensed Architect
• 15 years’ Experience in a Production Environment
• Strong Experience with Architectural Project Management Concepts and Workflows
• Comprehensive Knowledge of typical Structural and MEP Systems
• Comprehensive Knowledge of Building Codes and the Permitting Process
• Strong Team Oriented skills to move projects along their intended workflow
• Mentor and Praise, hold others accountable for the established goals of each project

An ideal Candidate will also possess the following experience:
• 20+ years’ Experience in a Production Environment
• Experience leading and mentoring others
• Proven Project Management skills in Commercial, Hospitality, Country Club, Restaurant and Multi-Story Residential projects
• Architectural Design Experience
• Construction Administration Experience
• Strong Client, Contractor and Consultant Relations Skills

In addition to your expertise and experience, we seek to hire those with similar values that include:
• Positive Attitude
• Coachable
• Strong Work Ethic
• Detail Oriented
• Passionate
• A willingness to strive for excellence
• Have a solution based attitude
As part of our team, you will be expected to:
• Collaborate professionally both internally and externally with fellow team members, clients, contractors, building officials, and engineers
• Remain Innovative
• Complete deadlines on time and on budget while maintaining excellence in our design
• Skillfully work through all phases of the project to ensure excellence in our product
• Tactfully resolve opportunities with an appropriate sense of urgency
• Manage multiple projects concurrently

*In order to be considered for this position you will be required to submit a portfolio with your resume.