Office Life

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We understand work-life balance, work-life balance means something different to everyone and here we have excellent workplace policies in place that respect each member of our team and their professional and personal needs in a way that matters most to them.  The cornerstone of our culture is to create a healthy work environment that allows for our team to focus on their personal priorities and build happy lives around their work.  Being flexible with office start times, taking time to tend to family matters even when it interrupts the work day, is just part of the office culture we promote. We operate under the governing idea that as long as we tend to life and what matters most to us, we can accomplish getting our professional commitments done on time and accurately.


Big laughs, team builders and bell ringers.  We laugh at ourselves at times but that’s part of our culture.  We are not perfect, but striving for perfection. Throughout the year, anticipate team dinners, sip and savor events, lunch and learns and team giving events, it’s how we roll.  We feel most productive when we spend time together through collaboration and having a bit of fun.


Team members enjoy seeing what we have created together. Completed projects are all around us. As we continue to shape our skyline, we also continue to partner with new endeavors that allow our team to experience a vast range of architectural and interior design projects.  This diversity keeps us growing. Projects are more than just a pretty picture, site visits are easily attainable by way of our SpinaOrourke bike fleet or our golf cart, either way it is easy to see the impact we have made on our community.


We believe in empowering our team to own each part of the design and production process. To do this, we involve our team members in business matters not just architectural and interior design matters.  From our experience, when there is a level of ownership outside of task delegation, we can create future leaders of the firm.  This is our invitation to team members to create a career not just a job.


Staying healthy personally produces great results professionally, that’s why we offer team member incentives to commit to a healthy lifestyle.  Bikes are available for easy commutes to local project sites or for leisurely lunch strolls to the intracoastal. Weekdays we offer complimentary a nutritional lunch and snack options and support our team’s fitness goals by financing a portion of their gym membership fees.


We believe in doing good in our community through the charitable giving of our services and resources. Each year we make a significant impact on the community around us by investing in multiple charities that are serving those in need.  Through each partnership, we establish long term relationships that have served as a pipeline for our continued community involvement.   Team members have 8 hours annually to donate their company time to a charity of choice.