Firm History

Founded in West Palm Beach in the late 1970’s, SpinaOrourke + Partners is a full-service architecture and interior design firm which has been executing design ideas and solutions to enhance our built environment for over 40 years.  Our portfolio consists of a highly diversified list of projects locally and nationally, and in 2015, the Firm earned the # 15 spot on the South Florida Business Journal’s Book of List for architectural billing.

Today, SpinaOrourke + Partners is a leading provider of commercial architecture and interior design and has a professional staff of over 30 people, including architects, interior designers, planners and graphic designers.

In August of 2014, SpinaOrourke + Partners purchased the old Hopkins Marine Hardware building, a crumbling and neglected structure in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach’s financial district.  Here, SpinaOrourke + Partners executed a triumph of historic preservation while igniting revitalization of northern downtown West Palm Beach and local neighboring communities.  The former Hopkins Marine Building restoration not only preserves a unique and important role in West Palm Beach’s history but showcases the Firm’s award-winning corporate office space.  It is SpinaOrourke + Partners’ exceptional vision and ability to elevate the quality of how we live, work and thrive which has been the cornerstone of the business and the reason for our enduring success.